I have a very simple philosophy when asked about my breeding program… I strive to breed the “best to the best”. You hear this statement often. It’s an easy statement to make but a principal that takes strong conviction to practice. It would be relatively easy to find a male Pudelpointer to breed with one of my females. The outcome of that breeding would be Pudelpointer puppies offered for sale, but those puppies may not possess the best genetic traits that compliments Dam and Sire. My goal is to produce hunting gun dogs using the best Pudelpointer genetics that can be found in North America. While my goal is great gun dogs, maintaining hunting versatility, sound temperament and conformation are cornerstones in my breeding program.

I am a member of the North American Pudelpointer Breeders Alliance (NAPPA). NAPPA is an organization formed by Pudelpointer breeders who are dedicated to the protection and improvement of the breed. Most are sportsmen who deeply care about the direction of the breed and intend on protecting and improving the genetic traits of the Pudelpointer. NAPPA breeders are bound by strict breeding regulations and requirements. This cooperative effort means that once a dog meets NAPPA requirements they may be used in a breeding program to help strengthen the genetic stability of the breed. To be a member of the North American Pudelpointer Breeders Alliance a breeder must agree to abide by the breeding standards set forth by the Alliance.

NAPPA minimum requirements for male and female Pudelpointers are:

1. Males must be tested in a NAVHDA Utility Test and receive a passing score. A foreign equivalent to a NAVHDA Utility Test may be accepted.

2. Females must prize and score 105 points or higher in a NAVHDA Natural Ability Test (NA) or prize in a NAVHDA Utility Preparatory Test (UPT) or Utility Test (UT).

3. Dogs must be certified to be free of canine hip dysplasia using PennHip or OFA standards.

4. Dogs must be free of any temperament disorders.

5. Dogs must be free of any genetic defects.

6. Breeders must comply with breed standard disqualifications.

Cooperation and synergy created by NAPPA breeders has allowed members to share considerable data on their dogs which includes test scores, hip evaluations, size, coat and increasingly DNA samples to help record individual dog genetics. NAPPA breeders utilize Breedmate software to help determine best genetic combinations. With the dogs in the data base, members can trace some dog’s pedigree’s back ten generations. Being able to accurately see Dam and Sire pedigrees helps insure any proposed breeding is sound and does not create an inbreeding of dogs. It is this kind of forethought and attention to detail that enables NAPPA members to focus on desirable traits of dogs and make calculated judgements about a planned breeding. Genetic strength and the ability to add genetic diversity helps create strong bloodlines and insures a viable, sustainable future for the Pudelpointer. Learn more at Pudelpointer-Alliance.org

I strongly support the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA). As a NAVHDA Judge, I share NAVHDA’s vision in the improvement of versatile dog breeds through training and testing. NAVHDA’s testing system uses an independent three judge team to evaluate and score dogs against NAVHDA’s testing standards. Test scores are made available to anyone seeking test results on any given dog within the NAVHDA registry. Whatever versatile hunting dog you ultimately acquire, I encourage you to join your local Chapter of NAVHDA and become involved. Learn more at NAVHDA.org

Lastly, be aware with the increasing popularity of the Pudelpointer, litters are being produced that some would consider to be “questionable” for the benefit of the breed. Do your homework! We all want to be good stewards of the Pudelpointer. Ask for test scores on the Dam and Sire. Look up pedigrees in the NAVHDA database and see what the parents, grandparents and great grandparents scored in their testing. Look for inbreeding indicators. Ask hard questions of anyone you are considering buying a pup from including NAPPA members. Know the pedigree of your future hunting companion!