The 2018/2019 upland season was a challenge for me. After a pretty good 2017 season, I thought we were set for a great 2018 season hunting chukars. Maybe the assent on the bell curve to better bird numbers was starting to happen? A relatively mild 2017/2018 winter and good nesting conditions in the spring, I thought we’d have a great season. Early season we were finding good numbers of chukars but birds were unusually spooky for early season. As the season advanced, birds stayed very spooky. Maybe due to increased pressure of bird hunters or chukars becoming as smart as an old wily sage rooster? Wild flushes way out of range and flushes on pointed birds at marginal gun range was a common occurrence. Tactics needed to change! The birds were still around but had been pushed farther into the remote hills. Back in the day, I’d chase them there but now let the 20 and 30 year old’s do it. We still had a blast hunting! I definitely need to spend more time at the skeet range! I missed many gimmes… much to the anguish of my dogs! I spent more time trying to video some stalks rather than take still pictures. I’ll try and post some when I figure out how to do it! A few pictures from this past season and 2017.