Our Dogs

Cedarwoods Zena Star Princess “Cammi”. Cammi is one of those dogs that really has it all. All day drive and enthusiasm on the chukar hill along with being one of the most cooperative dogs I’ve ever owned. Cammi is from a Cedarwoods line breeding between Cedarwoods Easy Playgirl and Cedarwoods First Offense. All the dogs in her pedigree earned a NAVHDA Prize I in Natural Ability. Cammi is also a NAVHDA prized Utility dog. When Cammi isn’t hunting she spends her day in anticipation of going somewhere so she can travel in the seat next to me. Cammi loves to go fishing. She’s a great companion dog. View pedigree

“Addie”, Laura Ze Strazistskych Lesu, is our import from the Czech Republic. She is from the kennel of Jiri Hbrek. Her pedigree is a combination of Czech and Austrian. Addie has been a great addition to our breeding line. She brings unique genetic diversity into our breeding program. Matching a North American Pudelpointer to a European Pudelpointer seems to bring out the best both continents have to offer in a versatile hunting dog. Addie has the best “nose” I’ve witnessed and is a determined tracker. Any winged upland bird on the run won’t escape her ability to track it down and retrieve to hand. Addie has an intense and stylish point. She earned 112 points, prize 1 in Natural Ability and is a NAVHDA prized Utility dog. View pedigree

Hardtrigger’s Ridge Runner. Sage’s pedigree brings additional genetic diversity to the Hardtrigger line with a Winterhelle’s kennel sire from Sigbot ‘Bodo’ Winterhelt. This pedigree is proven in the field with Sage’s intelligence, determination, prey drive and cooperation. Sage is truly a great and fun dog to hunt behind. Ready to hunt all day, she understands and demonstrates the bond between dog and human. She hunts as a team and is as honest of a dog as I have found. Sage earned 110 points and a prize 1 in her Natural Ability test and is a NAVHDA Utility prized dog. View pedigree

Hardtrigger’s Iron Maiden “Josie” is a young dog that takes after her mother, Sage. Josie’s pedigree brings the best of North America and the Czech Republic. Her quick learning and desire to please makes Josie a fun dog to work with. Josie and I hunted chukars this past season. She has all the talents of her mother… prey drive, intelligence, cooperation and is a quick learner. All she needs is more time on the hill to hone her skills hunting wild birds. Josie earned 112 points in Natural Ability and is prized in NAVHDA UPT test. View pedigree


Hardtrigger’s Twisted Sister is a rising star in our kennel and breeding program. She is a result of a breeding between Hardtrigger’s Ridge Runner and Killbuck’s Woodville Cricket. This pup shows tremendous promise. She’s quick to learn and retains what she’s learned. She is one of the smartest pups I’ve owned. At 7 months, she was searching, finding and pointing wild birds. She will be a fun dog to train. Molly earned a Prize I with 110 points in her NAVHDA Natural Ability test. View pedigree